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Have you experienced PURE essential oils before!?


I have been joyfully using doTerra Essential Oils for many years now on myself, my husband, my children and my clients to support countless physical and emotional issues.

These oils prove their powers on a daily basis and that is why I am so happy and excited to share them with you! 


I know I have these powerful healers to reach for as support when my children aren't feeling well, when I am feeling off emotionally when we need to focus, or if we are in any discomfort.


These incredible gifts from the Earth have allowed me to feel empowered when it comes to looking after myself, my family, my students and even my business!


I am honored and thrilled to be working with a company that thinks outside themselves on a widespread global level.


doTERRA prides themselves on producing the highest quality oils in the world and giving back to the farmers they partner with to do so! 

​I love teaching people how to incorporate this natural medicine into their lives.


I am here to help you along in your wellness journey, so feel free to  contact me with any questions about oils, doTERRA or the benefits of becoming a wholesale member.

"It never ceases to amaze me how quickly and powerfully life can set on the right track simply through a proper diet, herbal medicines, meditation and other purely natural means."    - Dr. Vasant Lad

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