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Do you have an incredible staff that keeps your 'ship sailing smoothly' that you are SO grateful for?!


Are you looking for a way to give thanks to your Work Family in a more impactful way!?

Good news...I have just the thing!

Are you a local business owner!?

Mindful Moments at Work

Allow me the pleasure of showing your staff how much you appreciate them each and every week without even leaving the office!


I will come to you and offer 'Mindful Moments at Work'  to your staff which includes hitting the 'PAUSE BUTTON' and guiding them through meditation and mindfulness practices along with breath work, aromatherapy and gentle, relaxing touch to bring a sense of well being back to self. Your staff will also benefit from learning new tools for their personal self care practice as well!

I am offering either 1:1 time with each of your staff (5-15mins each depending on numbers) once a week OR if you have the space for a group session this is also an option!

$121+ tax per hour long visit

$444+ tax  for 4 hourlong visits

$777+ tax for 8 hourlong visits

I am also available to organize and or facilitate private events or retreats for you and your staff.

Connect with me personally to inquire more info!

Staff Meeting
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Why is taking a pause so POWERFUL?

Mindfulness & Meditation have a huge impact on our whole being and can help us at find more balance in life and work through:


  • Gaining a new perspective on stressful situations.

  • Building skills to manage your stress.

  • Calming the Nervous System

  • Increasing self-awareness.

  • Focusing on the present.

  • Reducing negative emotions.

  • Increasing imagination and creativity.

  • Increasing patience and tolerance.

  • Being more productive

As you may be realizing this is a special gift for your people BUT it's a win win for you as well as it will nurture a more balanced work environment too!


Let's connect and create something special for your staff today!

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