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Mary Christina Zarei

Yoga Teacher, Energy Healer, Essential Oil Advocate

Owner and Operator of MarYoga Oils & Energy

I was the girl who used to do yoga with her Mom in the mornings before school.


The girl who always knew she wanted to work for herself and play by her own rules.


The girl that never really fit into the 'norm' but really didn't care.


The girl who always looked outside the box for health and wellness.


The girl who thrived on freedom and adventure and all the bliss and joy that came from it.


I was the girl who was happiest running down the beach (clothing optional!) with the sun on my face and the ocean on my feet.

Fast forward in time and now here I am... I'm a wife, a mother, an essential oil lover, and Wellness Advocate for doTerra, a Yoga Teacher, an Energy Healer, still that little girl at heart, and so full of gratitude for the life I get to live!



Using the many tools in my tool-belt (and smearing oils everywhere I go) I am mastering the art of balance... balancing a healthy, happy marriage, homeschooling my 3 children,  my own business teaching yoga and essential oil classes, energy work, and of course my own personal thirst for freedom and living life to the fullest!


I'm continually expanding in every way possible, physically, mentally, spiritually, and professionally to help me work and teach from a place of experience and wisdom.

You'll find me these days getting creative with my teachings, and hosting events and retreats to inspire and uplift in areas regarding Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, Wellness, and Self-Care but most importantly you'll find me having fun with a smile on my face and an overflowing heart!

I am so happy you have found your way here! Please take your time to explore this site and contact me with any questions or just to connect!

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As a Yoga Teacher of 9 years I thrive on supporting others through this journey called life


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Essential Oils are an ancient, holistic approach to wellness. They can support us mentally, emotionally and physically on and off the Yoga mat in so many ways. 

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As a trained Reiki and EnerQi Healing practitioner I can help you peel away the layers and awaken the inner healer in you.

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Special Events

Getting away from the hustle and bustle of   regular routine life can help us gain a different perspective and leave us feeling refreshed. 


" Mary honors the spiritual practice that yoga truly is and was intended to be. She combines an array of meditative practices and healing arts to create an experience both rejuvenating and empowering. She is truly gifted!"

-Patrick Stockdale

"Mary is absolutely amazing!! Her classes are like no other and you will not be disappointed. I'm grateful for every class I get to practice with her, its always a special experience!"

-Holly O'Donnell

Contact Me  |  Tel: 506-567-8386

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